Solution Package for MongoDB

MongoDB logoClassified as a NoSQL database, MongoDB is a free and open-source document database that provides high performance, high availability, and automatics scaling.   MongoDB is the fourth most popular type of database management system, and the most popular for document stores.

SL’s Solution Package for MongoDB provides real-time monitoring capabilities for a wide range of performance metrics for instances, databases and collections.  Now you can monitor your open-source infrastructure in the context of the applications that they support rather than just in a vacuum.


Key Features

  • Monitor real-time performance for early warning
  • Analyze historical performance to differentiate trends and spikes
  • Out of the box discovery and monitoring of key metrics and resources
  • Powerful diagnostics and correlations for complex performance analysis
  • View MongoDB performance metrics in an application context
  • Instant insight for MongoDB resource management
  • Minimal training, highly configurable by business and technical users

Metrics for MongoDB

  • Mongo Instances
    • Alert Severity, Alert Count, Physical Memory, Open Cursors, Connections, Databases
    • Connection Status, Alert Level, Alert Count, Uptime, Connections, Databases, Physical Memory MB, Total Page File MB, Page Faults, Open Cursors, Average Flush Times
  • Mongo Databases
    • Alert Severity, Alert Count, Collections, Data Size
    • Alert Level, Alert Count, Status Up/Down, Data Size, File Size, Free Space, Index Size, Storage Size
  • Mongo Collections
    • Alert Severity, Alert Count, Number of Objects, Average Object Size
    • Alert Level, Alert Count, Number of Objects, Average Object Size

Prebuilt Displays

  • Mongo Instance Views: All Instances Heatmap, All Instances Table, Instance Summary
  • Mongo Database Views: All Databases Heatmap, All Databases Table. Database Summary
  • Mongo Collection Views: All Collections Heatmap, All Collections Table, Collection Summary

End-to-End Context for MongoDB

  • Visualize complex applications and how MongoDB fits in that architecture with dynamic custom flow diagrams
  • Provides an Intuitive View of How MongoDB interacts with other Enterprise PaaS Components
  • Designed and Developed for Large Scale, Mission Critical Environments

Solution Package for MongoDB