Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveMatrix

RTView® Enterprise Edition TIBCO ActiveMatrix and the Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveMatrix give you unprecedented power to:

  • Monitor health and stability of your TIBCO ActiveMatrix services
  • Maximize performance of your mission-critical applications
  • Minimize downtime and speed recovery time in the event of a
    system failure

It has never been easier to:

Discover all your ActiveMatrix services.  Automatically

RTView dynamically discovers all known AMX services by synching with TIBCO ActiveMatrix Administrator to ensure you always have the latest information.

Populate pre-built dashboards using preset alert thresholds

RTView provides a number of pre-configured dashboards including customizable heat maps, tables and individual summaries out-of-the-box.  TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Package also provides a number of pre-set alert thresholds based on our best practices experience so that you can hit the ground running.

Dynamically correlate relationships of applications, services and nodes with their supporting infrastructure components

RTView dynamically correlates the relationship of applications, services and nodes with their supporting infrastructure components so that you drill-down from the application level health views as well as correlate how alerts from lower level components will affect application performance.

View aggregated and side-by-side health status of clustered nodes on one pane of glass

RTView dynamically groups together related “clusters” of load-balanced nodes so that you can summarize the health of the entire cluster as well as view all member nodes side-by-side to ensure that work is evenly balanced across the cluster and easily identify any hotspots.

Apply alert thresholds. Globally

Instead of configuring alert thresholds one node or service at a time, RTView allows you to apply global alert thresholds to groups of services in one step, providing significantly better ease of use when configuring monitoring across a large group of TIBCO ActiveMatrix nodes and services.

View real-time and historical data together to identify trends and spot abnormal behavior

RTView gives you the ability to intelligently capture, store and visualize time-stamped snapshots of performance data and alerts, allowing you to spot trends and add context to your real-time performance data.  Now you can answer questions such as “is my traffic (or hit rate) always this high for this time of day?”, “are my response times speeding up or slowing down over time?”, or “am I seeing more faults today  than I normally do?”

Introspect TIBCO BusinessWorks processes when running in ActiveMatrix container

When used in conjunction with the TIBCO BusinessWorks Solution Package, RTView can give you additional insight into the performance of your BusinessWorks services running in an ActiveMatrix container by letting you drill-down into the TIBCO BusinessWorks monitor for more detailed information.

Built Using Native TIBCO Technologies

SL Corporation has been developing TIBCO monitoring solutions since 2002.  We know TIBCO technology better than anyone.  TIBCO ActiveMatrix Monitor leverages TIBCO’s Hawk agents, which are already built into the TIBCO platform, to subscribe to relevant health publications in real-time and create advanced visualizations to help you be more responsive.

Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveMatrix