TIBCO ActiveSpaces Monitoring

TIBCO ActiveSpaces monitoring and alerting - hit the ground running with pre-built displays and pre-configured alerts

RTView - TIBCO ActiveSpaces Monitor Overview

TIBCO ActiveSpaces is a distributed in-memory data grid for building highly scalable, fault-tolerant applications. The distributed, highly scalable nature of TIBCO ActiveSpaces often include 10s if not 100s of individual nodes which can be clustered locally or geographically across multiple datacenters which makes monitoring a distributed cluster quite a challenge. Often, performance issues on one node are negligible and are handled via fault tolerance but cluster-wide problems can be catastrophic.

The RTView Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveSpaces provides the visibility necessary to monitor such a highly distributed environment in the context of managing TIBCO Infrastructure components on up to the application layers that rely on TIBCO ActiveSpaces as a crucial caching mechanism.

Turnkey TIBCO ActiveSpaces Monitoring

No need to spend your time building displays. RTView comes complete with a full suite of monitoring views designed to provide you with the information you need to keep your TIBCO systems up and running 24/7.

  • RTView displays are sophisticated yet easy to comprehend, enabling you to resolve issues quickly. Intuitive navigation for key metrics in real-time and history from Metaspaces, Spaces, and Members. Based on 15 years working with TIBCO customers, we understand what you need to see.
  • Eliminate the risk and cost of building and maintaining your own monitoring application

Monitoring Optimized for Applications built on TIBCO

When combined with other TIBCO-specific Solution Packages in RTView® Enterprise Edition, performance metrics and alerts from TIBCO EMS, TIBCO FTL, TIBCO BW, and TIBCO BE, TIBCO ActiveMatrix, TIBCO ActiveSpaces and TIBCO Hawk can all be aggregated into a set of consolidated views. The cross-correlation of this information across TIBCO middleware components further enables rapid determination of fault state, speeding troubleshooting, assessment of business impact, and resolution of critical issues.

By combining these TIBCO monitoring solutions along with other solutions under the RTView® Enterprise umbrella, it’s easy to uncover how TIBCO EMS, BW, and BE instances are affecting the critical applications in your enterprise, and the underlying root causes for such. One can also consolidate metrics from existing monitoring solutions and tools in order to provide visibility across an entire application infrastructure, including TIBCO applications and other critical application components.

Understand the business service impact of technologies upstream and downstream of TIBCO

Using RTView® Enterprise’s Service Model functionality, you are able to create service models that allow you to trace service impact and prioritize issues based on their potential affect on the business.


RTView provides easy and fast alert management and alert configuration with pre-built alerts and pre-defined thresholds.  Manage alerts directly within RTView or export to ServiceNow or several other ticket management systems.

RTView's Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveSpaces comes with over 20 pre-built alert definitions with pre-configured thresholds to make it fast and easy to get started.  Simply enable from this list or create your own.  Thresholds can be set globally or by exception.

See screenshot for list of alerts