TIBCO Adapter Monitoring

RTView Screenshot - TIBCO Adapter Monitoring

TIBCO Adapters are the critical link between TIBCO processes and the target system, so it is important to ensure that this link is running quickly and smoothly.  The RTView Solution Package for TIBCO Adapters gives you visibility into the performance of this critical layer.

Monitor All TIBCO Adapters

Gain visibility into all of your TIBCO Adapters in one place for easy monitoring and then drill-down into individual adapters if performance problems are detected and need further investigation.

View All Adapters in a Single Heatmap

All Adapters Heatmap

This display shows quick, at-a-glance status of all TIBCO Adapters.  Simply mouse-over a square for more detail and click to drill-down into the Single Adapter Summary.  Especially helpful when maintaining a large number of adapters.

All Adapters Table

This display is often favored by administrators because of the large number of metrics available in the table.  Scroll right to see more metrics.  Sort and rearrange columns to personalize your experience.  Click to drill down to Adapter Summary.

Metrics include:

  • Alert Level and Count
  • Messages Received (#, delta, rate)
  • Messages Sent (#, delta, rate)
  • Errors (new, total, delta, rate)
  • Uptime
View Detailed Metrics for All Adapters

Single TIBCO Adapter Details

Drilling down into an individual adapter reveals more detailed performance information including historical performance trends so that you can expand or contract the timeframe to encompass the time period you are investigating.

View Detailed Stats for Individual TIBCO Adapters

Adapter Summary

This display shows detailed performance statistics for a single adapter including the current state, message stats for received, sent and errors and historical trends.  Change Time Range to view up to 2 weeks of historical performance and investigate what happens overnight.