Solution Package for TIBCO BusinessEvents

RTView® Enterprise Edition is an end-to-end monitoring platform that uses Solution Packages to gather and process performance metrics from a wide variety of different technologies.

RTView® Enterprise Edition uses Solution Packages for a number of different technologies including TIBCO BusinessEvents.

With the Solution Package for TIBCO BE, you are able to drill down from a high level alert at a business service or application health level into the supporting TIBCO BE infrastructure to determine what is causing the alert and to take corrective action. This service centric approach makes it easy for application support teams and TIBCO Support Teams to prioritize incidents based on the impact to the business.

With the RTView® Enterprise Edition Solution Package for TIBCO BusinessEvents, you can predict stress points which may occur in production BE environments. Often, vulnerabilities that do not present themselves in BE test environments can be quickly highlighted and resolved.

Solution Package for TIBCO BE can help to diagnose and address several scenarios in BE, including:Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveMatrix

  • events flooding into the system at much higher-than-expected rates
  • rules firing at a much higher rate than expected causing CPU usage to spike
  • the backing store running inefficiently
  • BE Concepts being created at a much higher rate than expected causing evaluation or re-evaluation of rules

RTView® Enterprise Edition’s Solution Package for TIBCO BE provides information about how TIBCO BusinessEvents clusters are configured and performing, presents historical data detailing rule execution times per inference node, heap and table sizes for storage nodes, and event, concept and channels statistics. Pre-configured alert conditions provide early warning when any of these gathered performance metrics indicate a situation which is nearing a critical state.

The Solution Package can be used to monitor only BusinessEvents components, is often used in concert with other RTView solution packages. In this scenario, where application architectures are relying on multiple TIBCO components and/or middleware offerings, RTView® Enterprise Edition is able to provide an end-to-end view of application health.

With the Solution Package for TIBCO BE, you may also be able to reduce your supports costs for TIBCO BE. With effective monitoring, organizations are often able to push more of their monitoring over to NOC or Operations personnel for the most cost-effective monitoring. And functions such as capacity planning and load balancing and much easier with access to deep historical performance metrics and usage information.

Single TIBCO Console

When combined with other TIBCO Oracle Coherence Monitor Cluster Overview Screenshotmonitoring Solution Packages in RTView® Enterprise Edition, performance metrics and alerts from Solution Packages for TIBCO EMS, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, and TIBCO BusinessEvents can all be aggregated into a single view. The correlation of this information among the TIBCO technologies further enables cross-technology analytics, speeding troubleshooting, assessment of business impact, and resolution of issues.

By combining these TIBCO monitoring solutions along with other solutions under the RTView® Enterprise Edition umbrella, you can go further in determining how your TIBCO EMS, BW, and BE instances are affecting the critical applications in your enterprise. You can also consolidate metrics from existing monitoring solutions and tools in order to provide visibility across an entire application infrastructure, including TIBCO applications and other critical application components. Using RTView® Enterprise Edition's Service Model functionality, you are able to create service models that allow you to trace service impact and prioritize issues based on their potential affect on the business.


Functionality Benefit
High Level View of the performance of BE cluster :

  • Cache Nodes
  • Inference nodes
  • Concepts
  • Channels
  • Analyze the performance of these key components of a BE deployment. Pinpoint abnormal configurations or time periods when the system has unusual load or unexpected behavior.
Trigger alerts based on rate of change
  • Notification of event floods.
  • Notification of abnormal rule execution loads.
  • Notification of stress or inefficiencies in the backing store.
  • Notify on abnormal rates of Concept creation.
Event Summary Page
  • Deep analysis of detailed Event performance characteristics including event interaction with the cache in terms of the number and time required for gets and puts.
Historian with data compaction
  • Visualize performance metrics in trend charts and go back in time to view message metrics from prior periods. Aids in determining capacity utilization and planning, reduces time to troubleshoot.
  • Compaction feature helps save database space and reduce licensing costs.
Administer, View, or Customize BE Alerts
  • Centralize and manage your BE alerts in the central RTView® Enterprise Edition console

Solution Package for TIBCO BusinessEvents