TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitoring

Turnkey TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitoring & Alerting for BusinessWorks 5, 6, and BWCE

RTView Solution Package for TIBCO BusinessWorks

Turnkey TIBCO Monitoring

No need to spend your time building displays. RTView comes complete with a full suite of monitoring views designed to provide with the information you need to keep your TIBCO systems up and running 24/7.

  • RTView displays are sophisticated yet easy to comprehend, enabling you to resolve issues quickly. Intuitive navigation for key metrics in real-time and history from BusinessWorks Applications, Containers, AppNodes, and Processes. Based on 15 years working with TIBCO customers, we understand what you need to see.
  • Eliminate the risk and cost of building and maintaining your own monitoring application

Proactive Alerting

RTView Solution Package for TIBCO BusinessWorks monitors TIBCO BusinessWorks in real-time - sending you alerts even before critical thresholds are crossed - so that you can find growing problems BEFORE they become severity level events.

  • Predefined warning and critical alert thresholds make setup quick and easy.
  • Pre-built dashboards allow you to become a BW expert, not a dashboard building expert.
  • At-a-glance views instantly convey when there is a problem.
  • Key Metrics History Heatmaps show proximity to alert threshold conditions - BEFORE crossing those thresholds.

Faster Troubleshooting

Locating performance problems in large environments can be time-consuming if you don't have a guide.  Only RTView provides the context necessary to understand how your technology is organized, allowing you to seamlessly navigate the different levels of applications, services, middleware and infrastructure to find the bottleneck causing your performance problems - without calling in the big guns.

  • Organize your servers into logical groups for easier navigation and visualization.
  • Drill-down from 10,000 ft to the exact process or server causing performane problems.
  • Historian shows performance over time to pinpoint root cause analysis and identify emerging trends.
  • Correlation between application, middleware and infrastructure uncovers hidden sources of conflict.

Peripheral Visibility for a Business Service

Often, BusinessWorks performance problems are more of a reflection of bottlenecks upstream or downstream - but you still need to find that bottleneck to resolve your slow BW performance.  RTView supports dozens of solution packages that provide correlated, end-to-end visibility of all the components within your application or service so that you can quickly find the missing piece of the puzzle.

  • Monitor BW with other TIBCO and non-TIBCO components.
  • Correlate BW performance with app-specific infrastructure.
  • View performance of all Key Metrics over time.
  • Intelligently drill-down and across to other components.

Platform Scalability

RTView's unique distributed architecture can scale both vertically and horizontally, across data-centers and multi-cloud hybrid environments without degrading performance or flooding the network with too many streaming metrics. No matter how big your TIBCO BW environment, RTView can give your support teams the real-time visibility to ensure platform reliability.

  • Metrics are cached in-memory, near the source of metrics.
  • Analysis and rules are executed locally, as well.
  • Data is streamed across WAN only when being viewed.
  • RTView can be deployed as Amazon AMI or Docker container.
RTView’s distributed architecture collects, caches and analyzes data close to the source and streams to displays when needed - ensuring fast yet efficient network performance.
Capture/analyze data locally & stream to dashboard only when needed.
diagram of distributed monitoring architecture


With TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE), more customers are moving BW to the cloud. RTView excels at monitoring hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  Get complete visibility into your distributed BW-powered applications no matter where they are running.

  • Monitor BWCE and its container for correlated performance.
  • Automatically detect new elastic services for realtime counts.
  • Deploy RTView as an Amazon AMI or in a Docker container.
  • See all TIBCO and non-TIBCO across on-premise and multi-cloud deployments.