Solution Package for UX

SL’s Solution Package for UX is an End-User Experience Monitoring solution that allows you to understand how an end user is experiencing your web application by both measuring service latencies against historical thresholds and proactively signaling performance degradations that may be affecting the customer experience.

“Monitoring transactions from an end-user’s perspective provides
a critical high-level  indication of potential latencies experienced by customers”

Uncover User Experience Performance Issues Before Users Notice

By adding the Solution Package for UX in the RTView® Enterprise Edition Preconfigured alerts and consolidated URL performance dashboard allows support staff to quickly identify UX performance problems and view to real-time and historical performance metrics.platform, support staff can be notified if any web application might be operating in one of these states:

  • Unresponsive
  • Performing slowly
  • Generating errors
  • Returning invalid information

When notified that end users are about to experience unacceptable performance degradation, support teams can then look at the health state of the entire supporting infrastructure to repair the issue before users notice.

Conversely it can be used to gauge the criticality of errors being reported by your supporting infrastructure and immediately determine whether or not is affecting your end users yet.

Monitor End-User Performance for End-to-End Visibility

SL’s Solution Package for UX further enables companies to achieve the primary goal of APM – to minimize mean time to repair of application issues – because it is seamlessly integrated with deep-dive monitoring and troubleshooting, historical context, and component-level resolution tools to fix issues as quickly as possible.

The Solution Package for UX Monitor enables companies to:

  • Identify when poor IT service is impacting the business
  • Improve the quality of service delivered
  • Enhance ability to prioritize issues based on their customer-facing impact
  • Reduce the mean time to resolve issues by proactively identifying and isolating the source of performance issues
  • Reduce downtime costs by prioritizing issues according to their impact on the business.

Simulate transactions as if a real user is accessing a URL

The Solution Package for UX utilizes Java-based robots, often placed at various geographically dispersed sites, to periodically query the URLs at configured interval periods and report the elapsed response time and any errors to the RTView Enterprise Monitor platform.

The calculated latencies of the back-end system response times – as experienced from these various sites – are then published to a central console for analysis of the performance history over time and for automated alerting.

Preconfigured Alerts are available with settings for thresholds to indicate if either the response time was slow, the search string was not returned, a timeout occurred or errors reported.

While the Solution Package for UX can be effectively used to replicate what a real user might experience, it can also be used to look at response times and issues with inter-process communications using REST interfaces.

Solution Package for UX