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CORTE MADERA, CA—February 19, 2002—SL Corporation, a leading provider of graphic software applications and development tools for creating dynamic graphic displays, today announced the debut of Enterprise RTView, which supports products from TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TIBX). This graphic solution allows TIBCO ActiveEnterprise™ users to easily customize the display of mission-critical data without programming, and enables critical data and information to be  monitored on a computer “dashboard.” RTView provides TIBCO customers with the flexibility to easily customize their corporate data in a real-time graphic display without the high costs of customization.

With Enterprise RTView, TIBCO users can instantly monitor and receive real-time feedback on the status of their networks without the costs of building and maintaining custom interfaces from the ground up. The Display Builder within Enterprise RTView has point-and-click palettes of dynamic display objects such as meters, gauges, graphs, scales and dynamic text fields for the creation of customized dashboards. These dashboards allow for real-time monitoring of easily customized mission critical information while reducing costs of customization. TIBCO users can expose any event-enabled application and elegantly present data displays in a Java applet, a stand-alone Java application or as an applet from within the TIBCO ActivePortal™ framework.

“Drag and drop customized graphical data gives our customers easier access to real-time, mission-critical enterprise information without a high price tag,” said Murat Sonmez, senior vice president of marketing for TIBCO. “RTView, integrated out-of-the-box with TIBCO ActivePortal, allows our clients to generate dashboards effortlessly and SL Corporation software tools easily enables the building of custom applications by our partners and clients.”

“Until now, the only solution for users who wanted instant, graphic access to enterprise data was to build their own systems. These efforts proved to be time and resource intensive and often yielded disappointing results,” said SL’s CEO Tom Lubinski. “In this era of ever-increasing data complexity, Enterprise RTView allows TIBCO users the unprecedented ability to view critical data in graphic and interactive ways from numerous sources.”

Enterprise RTView can be extended using SL-GMS J/Developer™ to design or modify dynamic display objects, develop more extensive interface applications or embed Enterprise RTView functionality in other Java applications. TIBCO integrators and development partners can use SL-GMS Development Tools™ to easily customize Enterprise RTView for resale.

About Enterprise RTView
Enterprise RTView is a graphic application based on SL-GMS display technology, currently being used by thousands of companies, including CalTrans, Honeywell and NASA. The dynamic display technology of Enterprise RTView provides a more intuitive and effective way to interact with data. Enterprise RTView is based on thin client technology that allows mission-critical data to be viewed via browsers running very small applets (less than 500K) with no additional server side software necessary—allowing for extremely high performance, zero deployment costs and easy distribution of enterprise information across firewalls. Some examples of data that can be displayed include enterprise application monitoring and management, transaction rate, and alert information.

In developing Enterprise RTView, SL used the underlying graphic interface that the company has been developing for 18  years; the same technology used by NASA’s Shuttle Launch Control Center, Network Operation Centers, and nuclear power plants control rooms.

Pricing and Availability
Enterprise RTView is currently shipping. Introductory pricing starts around $5,000 for minimum installations.

About TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TIBX) is a leading provider of total business integration solutions delivering infrastructure software that enables businesses to seamlessly integrate business systems in real-time. TIBCO technology was first used to digitize Wall Street and has since been adopted in diverse industries including financial services, telecommunications, electronic commerce, transportation, logistics, manufacturing and energy. TIBCO’s global customer base includes 1,400 customers such as Intel, NEC, Dynegy, BP, eBay, US Bank, The Limited, Delta Air Lines, Philips, AT&T and Pirelli, Yahoo! and Cisco Systems. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, TIBCO can be reached at 650-846-1000 or on the web at

About SL Corporation
Founded in 1983, SL (Sherrill-Lubinski) provides software products for the development of real-time graphical user interfaces. SL products have been licensed worldwide in over 45,000 mission critical applications throughout the industries of process control, network management, transportation and aerospace and has now brought the technical expertise involved in high performance, and easily customizable dynamic graphics from those industries to the enterprise. Customer implementations include ABB, Agilent, CalTrans, Compaq, Honeywell, Foxboro and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). These customer collaborations serve to stimulate the development of new functionality and enhancements to the evolving product line of SL-GMS solutions. For additional information, contact SL Corporation, 240 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA 94925. Phone: 415.927.8400; Email:

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