SL Corporation Helps Adoption of Microsoft .NET with the Release of SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET

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Corte Madera, CA –October 22, 2002 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of software solutions for real-time graphical displays and user interfaces, today announced the release of SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET. The new product is a real-time graphics development system for use with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that will help independent software vendors and end-user organizations more quickly create specialized user interfaces in a Microsoft .NET environment.

SRH Systems Ltd, a supplier of leading-edge applications for testing in the automotive world, is the first software maker to adopt SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET. SRH was drawn to SL because of the strong technical fit with their  requirements and the company’s willingness to partner on the development of technologies and solutions built for Microsoft .NET. SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET played an integral role in the development of SRH’s STARS Platform product, a soon-to-be released software suite built completely in a Microsoft .NET environment. With the aid of SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET, customers like SRH can dramatically decrease the time it takes to create graphical displays, thus reducing overall costs and getting their products to market at rapid speeds.

“We are thrilled that SRH has selected SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET for the creation of its user interfaces,” says Rodney Morrison, SL Corporation’s director of product management. “Microsoft .NET is of great significance to everyone in the manufacturing sector. We are proud of our long history in this market and our ability to create high-performance, feature-rich solutions that can help the manufacturing industry effortlessly migrate to vital new technologies.”

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, manufacturers need to be more responsive and agile than ever before. To keep pace, they are increasingly relying on open technology solutions that can be easily integrated with those of their customers, suppliers, and business partners. “We are pleased that SRH, after extensive research, has chosen to deliver enterprise-enabled systems that take advantage of Microsoft .NET,” says Don Richardson, director of manufacturing industry solutions for Microsoft. “The SL Corporation product will help SRH’s customer base migrate existing products to Microsoft .NET and will be very attractive to new developers of HMI solutions.”

Microsoft .NET, in particular, eliminates many of the problems associated with systems integration both within and across enterprise boundaries. The result is an ever-richer exchange of data and greater efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

Not only does Microsoft .NET resolve issues around application integration, it can also greatly enhance the user interface
experience. In the convoluted world of enterprise computing, each application has its own user interface “point solution,” requiring users to learn a variety of completely different ways to interact with their systems and understand how to respond to current business situations. With a solution such as SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET, users of distributed systems can share data more efficiently as well as visualize that data in a form that allows for quick evaluation of status, trends and other pertinent information needed to makequick business decisions.

Equally important, SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET provides manufacturers with a way to distribute user interfaces and data to a wide range of desktop, enterprise, web, and wireless clients. It also provides a smooth migration path for software vendors seeking to provide integrated enterprise applications while protecting their customers’ investments in legacy systems.

“We needed a dynamic graphics solution that could crisply display real-time measurements related to automotive development and testing, such as temperature, pressure, speeds, and flows,” says James Fowler, a Managing Director at SRH. “Moreover, we needed a solution that would fit into a Microsoft .NET environment for distributed applications, that was elegant and simple to use, and that would allow our end-users, who are not software programmers, to easily customize and view displays. We got all this with SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET, as well as the comfort of knowing that SL has long history of working with market leaders in our industry.”

SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET allows users to rapidly create graphical displays using the SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor. Non-programmers can configure displays with pre-defined components or design and animate their own components. These displays can then be previewed with simulated data or attached to live data from within the editor. SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET also provides a custom control that can be used in Visual Studio .NET to create Microsoft .NET applications that can render these displays in either an application that supports Windows forms or a browser-based application for Internet use.

SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET takes full advantage of Microsoft .NET and is a real-time graphics development system enabled with classes, methods, properties, and events from within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Creating such a system from scratch that is scalable, easy to use, and offers a high level of integration and data sharing would take many years of development effort with Visual Studio .NET alone. SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET reduces this effort to a matter of man-months and gets products to market faster.

Beta versions of SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET will be available Oct. 28, with general availability on Nov.

About SL Corporation
SL (Sherrill-Lubinski) Corporation was founded in 1983 and is a leading provider of graphic software for real-time data display. SL-GMS (Graphical Modeling System) has maintained its leadership position as the most technically advanced and cost-effective solution for creating customized displays for the visualization and control of real-time events and processes. SL products have been licensed worldwide in over 45,000 mission critical applications throughout the industries of network management, process control, transportation and aerospace. Customer implementations include ABB, Agilent, Alcatel, CalTrans, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). These customer collaborations serve to stimulate the development of new functionality and enhancements to the evolving product line of SL-GMS solutions. For additional information, contact SL Corporation, 240 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA 94925. Phone: 415.927.8400; Email:

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