SL Chosen To Demonstrate Critical, Real-Time Business Process Monitoring System

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Nice, France (TeleManagement World 2003) –May 20, 2003 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of dynamic graphic applications and software development tools for the graphic display of real-time information, today announced that SL-GMS Enterprise RTView was chosen to create the plug-and-play Business Process Monitoring System for the Product Lifecycle Management with NGOSS (New Generation Operations Support Systems) Catalyst Project.

One of the greatest challenges in the telecom industry is the lack of usable product data. Product information is scattered throughout the enterprise and the lack of standardization creates incompatibilities. Manually updating product data, a time consuming and expensive process, is error prone and forces compromise in product design and innovation. The Product Life Cycle Management with NGOSS Catalyst will demonstrate how organizing product data into a single repository and making it available to all stakeholders automates the product innovation, creation, delivery, maintenance, and measurement processes. Ultimately, PLM can deliver higher quality products on a time scale measured in hours, increased customer satisfaction, and higher average revenue per user.

With complex OSS integration, there is always the problem of verifying that a particular implementation is going to scale and operate properly. After implementation, there is the additional challenge of properly monitoring the OSS and proactively detecting system degradation before end users are affected. Service providers are familiar with sophisticated tools and user interfaces to verify network integrity and quality of service, but do not have comparable solutions for monitoring the OSS as a whole.

In this NGOSS integration, Enterprise RTView was chosen by PLM Catalyst group to visualize real-time business process flows, transactions status between the various components, and drill down views of key data contained in the transactions passed on the TIBCO BusinessWorks Communications Bus.

“For many years, the Telecom industry has been on the leading edge of technology in Application Integration due to the mission-critical applications and high volume of transactions involved in providing quality services,” said Tom Lubinski, CEO of SL Corporation. “SL is excited to be chosen by the PLM Catalyst group to demonstrate the power of OSS  performance monitoring offered by Enterprise RTView. This technology will provide a great cost savings for service providers trying to maintain and optimize their complex OSS integration.”

Enterprise RTView is an innovative, lightweight monitoring solution that provides the ability to access real-time and archived data from multiple data sources and EAI messaging infrastructures. Dashboards can be easily distributed throughout the enterprise via browsers or enterprise portals. Transaction flows for a particular business process can be automatically visualized and performance metrics (message count, rate, latency, etc.) are calculated for real-time presentation and stored in an historical database. Real-time information provides immediate warnings of critical situations, while historical information can be used to understand OSS load trends, comparative analysis, and post-mortem problem analysis.

The PLM Catalyst Showcase at TeleManagement World will present an NGOSS-compliant demonstration of disparate OSS applications that have been integrated to provide the real-time capability to create, approve, release, distribute, order, fulfill, and bill for new services. The Catalyst will also demonstrate how product managers can effectively manage the product lifecycle from beginning to end by integrating Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes with established  flow-through order processes.

About Product Lifecycle Management with NGOSS
The Product Lifecycle Management with NGOSS Catalyst Showcase aims to illustrate how TM Forums NGOSS concepts and standards can be leveraged to dramatically improve the processes and systems related to building and releasing new products, with the appropriate product information automatically driven to the right operations systems and catalogs in the network.

About SL Corporation
SL Corporation was founded in 1983 and is a leading provider of real-time, dynamic graphic visualization software for information display. SL-GMS (Graphical Modeling System) has maintained its leadership position as the most technically advanced and cost-effective solution for creating customized displays for the visualization and control of real-time events and processes. SL products have been licensed worldwide in over 56,000 mission critical applications throughout the industries of Communications, Process software development tools and Control, Transportation and Aerospace. Customer implementations include ABB, Agilent, Alcatel, CalTrans, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and NTT DoCoMo. For additional information, contact SL Corporation, 240 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA 94925. Phone: 415.927.8400; Email:

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