Spring Boot Application Monitoring with RTView Enterprise

Spring Boot has become an increasingly popular framework for building enterprise Java applications and developing microservices. The framework makes it easy to integrate other popular application components such as Kafka and to directly embed web server/container applications such as Apache Tomcat.

RTView Enterprise Edition provides an ideal solution for monitoring of applications built with Spring Boot, a variety of messaging systems, on-premise, in containers, or in the Cloud.

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The Challenge

Spring Boot-based applications are often highly heterogeneous, based on microservices running on a JVM, deployed in containers, relying on messaging systems such as Kafka, and databases. Monitoring of enterprise applications built with Spring Boot is important because you need to understand where bottlenecks are occurring and their impact on adjacent systems. You need to be able to predict infrastructure at risk to take action before business services are affected. Can you answer these questions?

  • What is the throughput of my application?
  • Are microservices performing well or are some running slowly? Why?
  • Do I have adequate capacity and will the application scale? When do I need to expand it and in which microservices do I add it?
  • Are all of my application components available?
Relationships are everything….understand how each part of the flow impacts the overall Quality of Service

The RTView Solution

RTView Enterprise provides end-to-end visibility into the health of your Spring Boot application and the supporting infrastructure.  A Spring Boot monitoring application might include intuitive high-level flow diagrams of the components within your application with drill down into the health of the supporting components.

Each supporting component has its own solution package with pre-built displays and alerts. The monitoring solution is configured for your particular architecture and might include, for example:

  • JVMs
  • Tomcat
  • Kafka messaging
  • Docker containers
  • Relational and non-relational databases


Drill down to individual components to view alerts, current metrics, and historical metrics

Non-Intrusive, Low Overhead Monitoring

Most monitoring solutions require the use of intrusive agents and code injection. But that increases complexity, initial implementation costs, and maintenance of your monitoring system. By contrast, RTView access performance via JMX and http end points.