Non-Intrusive Application Monitoring

RTView® Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive application monitoring solution that ensures availability and performance of business-critical application components and services - non-intrusively.

RTView notifies users of abnormal conditions that identify infrastructure under stress and at risk, with its unique emphasis on:

  • microservices
  • messaging middleware
  • process orchestration
  • container infrastructure

RTView is predominately agentless to minimize impact on your critical applications and reduce initial and ongoing maintenance cost. Other application monitoring solutions require the use of intrusive agents or code injection to obtain information about your applications.




Predict Infrastructure at Risk in an Application or Service

  • Correlate the impact of an infrastructure issue on adjacent technologies in an application context
  • Be more proactive by visualizing pre-alert system stress levels
  • Identify future capacity requirements

Consolidate Performance Metrics & Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Immediately identify and locate performance bottlenecks in complex systems
  • React faster with granular, real-time metrics
  • Reduce license, maintenance & support costs with a unified monitoring platform

Comprehend Complex Applications and Infrastructure

  • Visualize complex systems with intuitive data flow diagrams
  • Categorize your entire infrastructure into logical groupings
  • View your technology alerts in the context of application or service
RTView - custom flow diagram
This custom flow diagram illustrates service components including TIBCO EMS, BW, an Oracle DB, running on VMware.

More Effective First Response

  • Diagnose deeper and faster with progressive drill-down: App > Technology > Instance
  • Connect the dots between application, middleware and infrastructure performance impact
  • Visualize problems as they start to develop with historical trend charts, time-synced key metric performance and real-time alerts

More Efficient Escalation & Collaboration with Shared Data

  • Share “single source of truth” preliminary diagnostics with escalation teams
  • Allow Middleware/infrastructure teams to see if their alerts are impacted by other technologies
  • Escalate to the right teams with better front-line diagnostics and avoid the war room