Regain Confidence in your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Don't lose visibility of your middleware platforms and applications when you move to the cloud.

RTView Screenshot of Hybrid Cloud Application Monitoring

RTView’s unique distributed architecture can capture and store data at the edge and provide centralized visibility in a single dashboard for an end-to-end view of your middleware-powered applications running in the hybrid cloud.

Distributed Monitoring Architecture

RTView's distributed monitoring architecture is well suited for cloud environments.  Any number of data servers can be deployed close to the target systems being monitored to collect and aggregate data while a central RTView display platform can be located anywhere and only pull data when it is needed for maximum efficiency.

diagram of distributed monitoring architecture

Data Collection and Caching at the Edge

Performance Metrics are collected in real-time, cached in-memory, and are only streamed to central server when needed.

Local Data Collection and Caching


Cloud Icon Alerting performed at the edge
Cloud Icon Highly granular data storage
Cloud Icon Fast access to historical values
Cloud Icon Network bandwidth-friendly

Dynamically Discover Elastic Microservices and Containers

Dynamically Discover Elastic Microservices and Containers

RTView handles applications that dynamically respond to user loads by discovering new microservices and containers as they are created and removed so that you have a complete picture of your entire cloud environment.


Cloud Icon Reduced configuration effort
Cloud Icon Historical capacity analysis
Cloud Icon Real-time load monitoring

Monitoring Cloud Platforms

RTView also has solution packages so that you can monitor your cloud platforms themselves.  Correlate the performance of virtual hosts with the applications, services and middleware/infrastructure running on them for unique performance insights and hidden connections.

Solution Packages:

 Amazon  |  VMware  |  Docker

Monitoring Cloud Providers

Cloud Deployment Platforms

Deploy your Monitoring in the Cloud

RTView is available in different deployment options to allow for rapid deployment into the environment of your choice. Locate your monitoring platform close to the services you are monitoring for maximum performance and minimal overhead.

Cloud Icon Amazon
Cloud Icon Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Cloud Icon Microsoft Azure
Cloud Icon Red Hat Open Shift
Cloud Icon Docker
Cloud Icon VMware
Cloud Icon Heroku
Cloud Icon Private Cloud

Monitoring as a Service

RTView® Cloud is a hosted data visualization platform that connects to both public and private data streams and content repositories, allowing you to create, share and publish customized, real-time dashboards.  Provide answers to employees, customers, and suppliers – Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device!

Cloud Icon Mobile-friendly displays
Cloud Icon Build in a browser
Cloud Icon No programming required

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