SL is a leading provider of graphic user interface solutions for Communications applications. Collaborations with market leaders such as Agilent, HP, and NTT DoCoMo serve to stimulate the development of new functionality and enhancements. SL-GMS solutions provide flexible, high-performance functionality across a wide range of applications including:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Network Service Fulfillment & Assurance
  • Element Management
  • Asset Management
  • OSS Performance Monitoring

Developers of communication applications utilize SL-GMS features such as fast pan/zoom, real-time dynamic behaviors, reusable submodels, and the State Management System to receive live feedback on network status and monitor millions of events in multi-vendor, multi-device WANs.

Communication applications need to be scalable, handling networks ranging from hundreds to thousands of elements, and flexible enough to support the rapidly changing demands of new telecommunication technologies that directly affect the essential graphic representation of network elements, new equipment, and transport media. Many applications have further demands such as high-performance map backgrounds and Internet support. SL’s Java-based products meet these needs, combining unparalleled performance in browser-based solutions and a small footprint.

Solutions for Communications

For OSS/Network Management GUIs:

The SL-GMS suite of products offers unique functionality for the rapid development of network management applications in either Java or native C++ environments (Windows/Motif).

For OSS/Business Process Monitoring Visualization:

Quickly deploy customized, web-based dashboards for visualizing OSS data without programming – Generic and scalable for multiple OSS applications and infrastructures.

Communications Demos

Extremely Compact and Fast Java™ Applets

Interactive Demo (286k)

Wireless Network (286k)

jnet demo - Interactive Network Management USAwireless_network_sm

Interactive Demo (136k)

Interactive Card Rack (73k)

jnet_global_smInteractive Card Demo

SL, Active Member of TeleManagement Forum

SL has been an active member of TM Forum, contributing with its leading Web enabled Java GUI technology.
TeleManagement Forum logoCatelyst Showcase Logo

SL demonstrated SL-GMS RTView for Visualization of Realtime Service Assurance Management, with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, featuring CDP (Catalyst Developed Product)-PLM @TMW Nice 2004

SL was chosen to demonstrate critical, real-time business process monitoring system for Product Lifecycle Management with NGOSS Catalyst Project @TMW Nice 2003


As an active member of the TM Forum’s HMI Team, SL has presented its activities at TMW A-P 2003 and TMW Nice 2004.

Customer Solutions in Communications

SL-GMS C++/Net has long been used in the world-wide NOCs, and J/Developer and RTView are now used for various OSS visualizations in Java.

Agilent TechnologiesAgilent Technologies:
NETeXPERT Object Browser Network Management and Service Assurance Solutions
5620 Network Manager
Clearview Performance ManagementClear:
Clearview Performance Management
Fulcrum Technologies: Network Assets ManagementFulcrum Technologies:
Network Assets Management
Hewlett-Packard: HP OpenView TeMIP Telecommunication Management Information PlatformHewlett-Packard:
HP OpenView TeMIP Telecommunication Management Information Platform
NTT DoCoMo: Network Operation System for FOMA 36 Mobile Phone ServiceNTT DoCoMo:
Network Operation System for FOMA 36 Mobile Phone Service
SNMP Research: CIAgent SNMP AgentSNMP Research:
CIAgent SNMP Agent