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Process Control industries encompass a large number of diverse applications. The requirements of such applications include rapid software response time, detailed and flexible information display, and strong graphical software controls.

SL is a leading provider of real-time data display solutions in this segment and collaborations with Industrial Automation market leaders such as ABB, Foxboro, AspenTech, Honeywell, and Toshiba serve to stimulate the development of new functionality and enhancements.

SL currently offers high-performance real-time data display solutions in Java, .NET, and C++.


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Customer Profiles

AspenTech:Data Visualization to Support Production Optimization Solutions
For over 20 years, process industries have turned to Aspen Technology, Inc. for integrated software solutions that help maximize profit opportunities throughout the value chain. The world’s leading petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metals and consumer packaged goods companies have implemented AspenTech technology to design, optimize and execute their business processes in real time.

Toshiba: Graphic Interface for New SCADA Product – OIS-DS/SMART Toshiba uses SL-GMS for all the products in the TOSDIC-CIE DS product line, providing scalability from small to very large systems. TOSDIC-CIE DS is based on an “Open Rightsizing” concept, enabling easy and close cooperation with upper information systems, such as production management, and supporting an integrated plant system that makes production efficient. The OIS (Operator Interface Station)-DS ensures an advanced operation environment with extensive monitoring and control functions. The OIS-DS graphic editor, used for preparing process displays, is based on the SL-GMS Custom Editor and customized for TOSDIC-CIE DS. OIS-DS utilizes SL-GMS‘s powerful real-time graphics and various dynamic properties to provide high-performance, rich operation features with easy maintenance and extensibility.

ABB Advanced Process Control
ABB, a global leader in electrical engineering, relies on SL-GMS to support the graphics engine and real-time dynamic displays for their AdvaCommand operator software.

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CONVEX: Utility Management
CONVEX (Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange) operates a control center linking the systems of several operating companies into a single efficient grid that serves more than two million customers in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. The system uses SL-GMS to monitor and control over 120,000 SCADA points across a 10′ x 50′ video wall displaying the entire transmission grid.

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CSI: UCOS Process Control Systems
CSI (Control Systems International) is a pioneer in the application of microprocessor and networking technology to solve challenges posed by real-time control environments. CSI’s User Configurable Open System (UCOS) utilizes SL-GMS to deliver real-time, interactive dynamic graphic environments, while significantly reducing application development time.

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Novatech Process Solutions
NovaTech Process Solutions (NPS) is a global provider of complex process control, data acquisition and simulation systems. TotalVision® is an ActiveX Control based on SL-GMS software that can be embedded in corporate data applications to provide quick and easy access to real-time plant information.

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Honeywell: Training and Simulation
Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions, Inc. develops operator training systems using SL-GMS to create high-fidelity simulators in the pulp/paper, refinery and chemical industries.

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SRH: STARS Platform
SRH Systems is an international joint venture of 3 global companies, each a leader in their field of automotive technology. SRH’s latest product offering was developed using SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET to enhance the user interface.

Telvent: S/3 SCADA
Telvent provides engineering, procurement, integration construction and management of Control Systems and Networks in Europe, Latin America and Asia. SL-GMS Developer for Microsoft .NET to enhance the user interface.

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SL-GMS Products for Process Control

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Process Control Demos

Launch an Interactive Process Control demo (size = 170k) or click on the images below to view fast, compact Java applets.

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Process Control Solutions