Real-time Data Visualization for the Samsung Artik IoT Platform

SL’s RTView Cloud platform enables Samsung ARTIK™ customers to visualize ARTIK and non-ARTIK real-time data in appealing custom dashboards. The data can be combined with other real-time and historical data from multiple systems.


Real-time dashboards are created via simple click-and-drag, with no programming, from any browser, and can be easily embedded into other applications.


With SL’s RTView Cloud , users are able to quickly create a variety of display types via simple click and drag. The platform enables display creators to create hierarchical components that can be easily reused to save time and effort. Some of the types of displays include:

  • Completely custom displays
  • Diagrammatic views & flow diagrams
  • Dynamic floor plans
  • Heatmaps

Dashboards are available on any device and browser and can be easily embedded into other applications.