Consolidate Your Monitoring for Applications, Middleware and Infrastructure

Modern applications are increasingly becoming more complex with the use of reusable services and specialized high-performance middleware technologies like messaging, business process automation, SOA, complex event processing and in-memory data grids. With each technology featuring its own monitoring console or using custom scripts, application support teams have difficulty getting a clear idea of how their middleware is affecting overall application health and performance.

RTView® Enterprise is designed to provide a real-time, end-to-end view of the health of your business services and applications across vendors and application tiers within real-time, into a single, intuitive graphical console – shared between different support and operations teams – enabling them to better manage their applications, services, and technology portfolios.

"Troubleshooting without a comprehensive view of your application infrastructure is like feeling around in the dark"

Who benefits from End-to-End Monitoring?

  • Front line support teams have a much easier time prioritizing alerts and resolving incidents
  • Middleware teams can anticipate performance bottlenecks and avoid service outages
  • IT operations can achieve faster recovery times
  • IT architects can do better capacity analysis

Consolidate Performance Metrics & Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Immediately identify and locate performance bottlenecks in complex systems
  • React faster with granular, real-time metrics
  • Reduce license, maintenance & support costs with a unified monitoring platform
Correlate the performance of adjacent components in a business service to understand the impact of adjacent component issues

Predict Infrastructure at Risk in an Application or Service

  • Correlate the impact of an infrastructure issue on adjacent technologies in an application context
  • Be more proactive by visualizing pre-alert system stress levels
  • Identify future capacity requirements

Comprehend Complex Applications and Infrastructure

  • Visualize complex systems with intuitive data flow diagrams
  • Categorize your entire infrastructure into logical groupings
  • View your technology alerts in the context of application or service
RTView - custom flow diagram
This custom flow diagram illustrates service components including TIBCO EMS, BW, an Oracle DB, running on VMware.

More Effective First Response

  • Diagnose deeper and faster with progressive drill-down: App > Technology > Instance
  • Connect the dots between application, middleware and infrastructure performance impact
  • Visualize problems as they start to develop with historical trend charts, time-synced key metric performance and real-time alerts

More Efficient Escalation & Collaboration with Shared Data

  • Share “single source of truth” preliminary diagnostics with escalation teams
  • Allow Middleware/infrastructure teams to see if their alerts are impacted by other technologies
  • Escalate to the right teams with better front-line diagnostics and avoid the war room