IoT Data Visualization

Real-time IoT Data Visualization for IoT Platforms and Applications

One of the challenges facing developers of IoT applications has been the cost-effective development of real-time IOT data visualization applications and dashboards. The most common approaches have been the hard-coding of dashboards and leveraging modern visualization and open source tools. However, this approach can have several limitations including:

  • minimal reuse of components
  • poorly performing displays when large datasets are involved
  • limited access to required real-time data
  • responsive display design required for mobile device support
  • high maintenance costs.

By contrast, SL’s approach reduces the time and effort to quickly develop and deploy these visual applications. SL’s RTView Core helps users harness their complex and often heterogeneous real-time IoT data to create appealing visual applications quickly and easily. With SL’s RTView users are able to easily access all the real-time information they need from a variety of sources, devices, and vendor platforms - all in one place.


With SL’s RTView, users are able to quickly create a variety of display types via an intuitive and simple click and drag process and collaborate with team members prior to publishing. The platform enables display developers to create hierarchical components that can be easily reused to save time and effort, all without programming. Some of the types of displays include:

  • Custom interactive displays involving multiple types of components, not limited to tables, charts and meters
  • Diagrammatic views & flow diagrams representing complex processes and transactions
  • Dynamic floor plans and mimic diagrams with interactive clickable elements
This interactive mimic diagram includes a metric panel that was created once and is reused several times in this and other displays

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International Space Station Demo

Welcome to the ISS Monitor site.  This site is a technology showcase for the powerful combination RTView® Cloud and Lightstreamer.  ISS metrics are streamed live from Tietronix using the Lightstreamer real-time messaging server and displayed by RTView® Cloud, SL’s next-generation monitoring platform.