Why SL

Experts don’t scale – but Expert Systems do!

Data collection is only part of the puzzle. SL provides added value to process and visualize performance metrics in the context of applications and services so that you don’t have to be an application architect to understand the true impact of individual components within the application architecture.

We Are Experts in Middleware Monitoring

SL has the largest portfolio of middleware integrations for TIBCO, Oracle, IBM and Solace combined. We work directly with these partners to deliver the best solutions possible.

Customer-Tested, Partner-Approved

We work directly with Partners like TIBCO and Solace to build monitoring solutions based on actual customer requirements to ensure it meets your needs.

Real-world Experience

True understanding comes from years in the trenches and not through generic data collection agents. Our engineers have an average of 12 years experience building the most demanding custom monitoring solutions – from NASA Shuttle Launch Systems to modern financial trading platforms.

Comprehend Complex Architectures

Modern, middleware-powered applications and services are complex. RTView helps support teams visualize how all the individual pieces come together.