Customer Profile: HP OpenView TeMIP

HP Openview TeMIP (Telecommunication Management Information Platform) is a family of software products for the management of communication networks and services, addressing fixed, wireless and data networks.

TeMIP is the most functionally complete OSS (Operation Support System) platform on the market today, deployed with over 170 demanding communication networks and services, and used by over 40 of the world’s leading telecommunication network operators.users_hp

SL-GMS was selected for its proven history of delivering the most flexible real-time graphical control and monitoring interface technology, that simplifies complex network management processes with interactive controls and advanced customization features. Flexibility with dynamic behaviors in customizable icons rather than limited libraries, SL-GMS enhances TeMIP’s extendibility, scalability and value.

SL-GMS C++/Net is integrated into the TeMIP network management applications such as MapViewer. SL-GMS Custom Editor is used to allow MapEditor to configure background maps, and the SymbolEditor is used to customize network symbols. Using SL-GMS, TeMIP maps every element on the network as part of a single comprehensive view and allows operators to easily and quickly diagnose and solve real-time problems.

Note: SL-GMS J/Net is an extension to J/Developer, and C++/Net is an extension to C++/Developer

HP OpenView TeMIP is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard in the United States and other countries. It is mentioned in this document for identification purposes only.