End to End Monitoring for Complex Applications Apache Kafka Meet-up

The following presentation was given at the Apache Kafka Meet-up in May, 2019.  Our talk discussed how Kafka communicates within a larger complex and evolving environment. The current modular approach to the integration means that the structure of the software stack is much more dynamic than in the past and operators no longer have the time to become intimate with how dependent components interact. The number of dependencies combined with lack of familiarity can create significant risks to the business including increased outages and longer time to resolve incidents. Both can result in loss of revenue and customers.

These risks are significantly reduced by applying best-practice monitoring. Monitoring can provide a complete end-to-end view of the touch points within the application flow, so they are presented in comprehensive service-based views. This provides the user with a true single-pane of glass for monitoring and alerting for Kafka and its dependent technologies.

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