SL Launches New TIBCO ActiveSpaces® and TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Monitoring Tools

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Corte Madera, CA – November 4, 2014 – SL Corporation announced today at the TIBCO NOW 2014 conference the launch of 2 new solution packages for TIBCO ActiveMatrix® and TIBCO ActiveSpaces®.  These 2 new additions provide a complete TIBCO monitoring platform when added to existing support for TIBCO BusinessWorks™, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, TIBCO® BusinessEvents and TIBCO Hawk®.

Each solution package is a pre-built and pre-configured technology monitoring plug-in for the RTView Enterprise Monitor® platform from SL that makes it easy to use and easy to configure.  The core RTView Enterprise Monitor platform provides advanced visualization and correlation capabilities that allow application support teams, developers and middleware operations teams to view aggregate application and middleware-tier health summaries and performance data allowing users to quickly visualize and diagnose the source of performance problems, perform routine health monitoring and scalability analysis and self-service performance data for code validation.

“Given that TIBCO ActiveSpaces is gaining traction within the marketplace for in-memory data grids, and the fact that it is a core TIBCO middleware platform piece for high-performance computing applications, we felt that our TIBCO application monitoring solution would not be complete without being able to provide visibility into the health and performance of this critical component” says Tom Lubinski, CEO of SL, in reference to his recent blog post on Monitoring TIBCO ActiveSpaces.

The Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveSpaces provides unprecedented visibility into the health and performance of all the distributed spaces supporting a given application, allowing you to validate that workload is being evenly distributed across spaces for maximum performance.  RTView also provides the correlation capability to show you only the spaces that are supporting a given application so that you can drill down without having to manually separate them from all the other spaces within your shared services environment.

This new solution package comes on the heels of the recently released Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveMatrix which provides aggregate health visualizations of TIBCO-powered applications composed of TIBCO ActiveMatrix services, allowing you to drill down to ActiveMatrix services and their supporting nodes.  Application support teams can quickly assess performance bottlenecks while middleware operations teams maintain the health of the overall platform – including the ability to visualize that workload is being evenly distributed across multiple nodes.

“SL has been a TIBCO partner for a long time and understands the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for TIBCO-powered applications better than anyone” says Ted Wilson, COO at SL.  “As a platinum sponsor at TIBCO NOW 2014, we are excited to share these new advances with the TIBCO faithful and really look forward to the interaction with our joint customer base.”

For more information on SL’s health and performance monitoring solution for TIBCO, or to schedule your own demo or evaluation, come see us at TIBCO NOW 2014 or visit us at

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