SL Releases New 64-bit SL-GMS C++/Developer to Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

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Corte Madera, CA – June 24, 2015 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time data monitoring and visualization solutions, announced today that it is releasing a new version 6.6 of its 64-bit SL-GMS C++/Developer product to support the native 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.

SL-GMS C++/Developer, including its optional SL-GMS Custom Editor, is SL’s long-selling dynamic GUI/HMI development tool, enabling dynamic visualization of real-time data for the most advanced control systems.

Since 1983, SL-GMS C++/Developer has evolved from UNIX to Windows and Linux, from 32-bit to 64-bit, and from C++ to ActiveX, Java and Microsoft .NET. SL-GMS has been used by the largest OEMs and VARs for developing mission-critical systems in control centers and control rooms around the world for process control, network management, traffic control and aerospace/defense applications.

The content-rich, dynamic, real-time GUIs, or HMIs, required by these advanced control systems can be easily and interactively edited using SL-GMSDraw. This tool enables rapid prototyping by allowing users to immediately preview the behaviors of their dynamic GUI in development using simulated data. Additionally, the SL-GMS Custom Editor offers solution providers the ability to develop a solution-specific, easy-to-use authoring tool for its end users.

For over 30 years, SL-GMS dynamic graphical models developed using the SL-GMDraw editor have been maintained as an upwardly compatible solution and each SL-GMS release version maintains an upwardly compatible API. Few software vendors can claim that they have continued to provide such long-term value to protect customer’s developed assets. The addition of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 support by SL-GMS C++/Developer represents another long-term commitment for the next generation of advanced controls systems.

About SL Corporation
SL is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that provides End-to-End Application Monitoring, Middleware Monitoring, and Performance Monitoring Solutions for Global 1000 and mid-market companies that depend on custom, high-performance applications. Over the past 25 years SL’s exclusive focus on real-time monitoring and visualization, commitment to customer success, and partner-centric culture are why thousands of industry leaders have chosen to work with SL to support their most critical applications and businesses.

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