MEIDEN Selects SL Corporations NET Based GUI Custom Editor Technology for Their New DCS

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Tokyo – October 23, 2007– SL Japan Corporation, a subsidiary of SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring and visualization solutions, today announced that Meidensha.Corporation (MEIDEN), a global and established leader in environment engineering and solutions based on 110 years of delivering proven technologies, has embedded SL-GMS Developer for .NET and SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET to provide new Distributed Control Systems (DCS).

MEIDEN, based on their long tradition of rich experience and practical achieve ments in the heavy electric industries, has developed and innovated a range of electrical equipment, as well as related systems engineering and solutions in the energy and environment sectors, including water treatment, power generation, electric railway and highway supervisory control. The company provides a total service in the full lifecycle of electrical facility management including operations and maintenance, making contributions in effective energy usage, environmental preservation and business efficiency.

The Open EIC (Environmental Information & Communication) Integrated System based on MEIDEN’s half-a-decade water treatment technology is an example. It has many installations as a total plant system that manages from local control to central supervisory, operation and maintenance, which integrates many of MEIDEN’s products organically and rationally, including instrumentation & control devices, power generators and environmental equipments. MEIDEN, over its long tradition, has developed various DCSs comprising the Open EIC Integrated System, and always been keen on developing an easier-to-use operator station (OPS) by leveraging advance CRTs, optimizing its display performance and enhancing its window capability.

“MEISVY-OPS5000 is MEIDEN’s new generation DCS developed for the Open EIC Integrated System, and uses SL-GMS Developer & Custom Editor for .NET. The system enables efficient use of the existing facility and phased facility replacements. It is a multi-monitored management control device with advanced features that makes monitoring operation on the floor efficient. Additionally, leveraging Microsoft .NET technology, MEISVY-OPS5000’s displays can be distributed by a Web server for remote monitoring using browsers, and an e-mail message is sent in the event of an emergency, realizing monitoring that goes beyond the floor. SL-GMS supports this phased gradual facility renewal and efficient maintenance management by its effective operation displays and dedicated custom editor capability.

SL-GMS Developer for .NET is a specialized product for a rapid development of content-rich and high-speed displays in the Microsoft .NET Framework, based on SL’s dynamic GUI technology that has been used by many mission-critical real-time monitoring & control systems around the world including DCS/SCADA. Additionally, the SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET optional product has been utilized to develop a dedicated custom editor for MEISVY-OPS5000. The custom editor enables easy editing of displays with dynamic behaviors and connecting to the data source in the field not familiar with programming, and Reduce s the maintenance cost for revising displays as the facility changes. Each of the rich displays – including an operation menu screen, graphic system (process) view, historical trend, message list of status changes, alarm summary – can be separately viewed in the multi-monitors, allowing a high level of real-time interactive operation, for example, to make inputs into the tuning display while watching the impact of the change in a trend graph in another monitor.

“For developing the new generation DCS based on Microsoft .NET, MEIDEN has chosen SL-GMS that has evolved over many long years to be the proven and most reliable technology in its area. SL’s technology makes it possible for us to rapidly develop and maintain flexible displays, and has met our responsiveness requirements to deliver efficient and timely development and maintenance services of various and changing customer systems, said Haruo Suzuki, a section manager of the Software Division, Computer System Factory, MEIDEN.

“SL-GMS has been embedded in numerous monitoring and control systems and products in Japan since 1991. Requirements by businesses to develop more advanced and complicated systems that can Reduce the TCO, and do so more quickly, is ever-increasing. We are honored to support this early market entry of MEIDEN’s .NET-based new generation product, MEISVY-OPS5000, said Yoshie Hashima, President & Representative Director of SL Japan.

About Meidensha Corporation, MEIDEN

Founded in 1897, MEIDEN with a 110 years, has been working on the relentless pursuit of new technology and product developments and witnessed steady growth. MEIDEN’s technologies support the lifeline infrastructure including electric power and water treatment facilities, electric railway and highway systems, and industrial plants. Their product offerings cover a wide area, such as generators, substation equipment, electronic equipment and information equipment. Their mission is not only to provide these products to the customers but also to recommend the best solutions on the basis of what the customer values best. In order to realize these best solutions, they engage in the supply of various products and provide related services such as engineering, facility management (including operation and maintenance), repair and product-life support.

About SL (Sherrill-Lubinski) Corporation

Over the past 24 years, SL Corporation has become the most knowledgeable and responsive provider of real-time monitoring, analytics, and visualization solutions. SL makes it both possible and practical for users to deliver meaningful real-time operational visibility solutions so that they can, with confidence, ensure that issues are highlighted and addressed before they become costly problems. SL’s exclusive focus on visualization solutions, commitment to customer success, and partner-centric culture are why thousands of industry leaders worldwide have chosen to work with SL to support their most critical applications and businesses. SL Japan Corporation is a Japan subsidiary of SL Corporation founded in 1998. For more information, please contact SL Japan Corporation at [email protected] or on the web at



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