SL-GMS Selected by Fujitsu as Their .NET Real-Time GUI for Total Facility Management System, Futuric/SX

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Tokyo – May 24, 2011 – SL Japan Corporation, a subsidiary of SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring and visualization solutions, announced today that SL has been selected by Fujitsu Limited (“FUJITSU” ) for the latest version of their industry-leading BA (Building Automation) product, Total Facility Management System “Futuric/SX Series.” SL-GMS Developer for .NET is used for the control and monitoring displays, and the SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET is embedded to provide editing features specifically designed for Futuric/SX.

Based on the core SL-GMS (SL Graphical Modeling System) real-time dynamic GUI technology that has been deployed or embedded in over 100,000 of 24×7 mission-critical control systems worldwide, SL-GMS Developer for .NET product was developed for rapid development and maintenance of contents-rich and high performance displays specifically for the Microsoft .NET framework. Equally important, SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET Reduce s the development time required to design an application-specific custom editor from years down to a few months. SL’s unprecedented compact and fast real-time dynamic GUI and its editor technology have also been embedded in numerous small to very large Japanese control and monitoring systems and industry leading products since 1991.

“Futuric/SX Series” provided by FUJITSU, is an open network building automation (BA) system for monitoring complete building facilities including electricity, lights, air conditioning and emergency equipment, and has been used at various and many public facilities, station buildings and enterprise. Futuric/SX uses open LAN protocols such as BACnet (ASHRAE) and Echelon’s LonWorks. Leveraging its facility control and monitoring functions, Futuric/SX organically integrates facility management and building information features, and makes it possible to build a flexible system that can scale from small to very large configurations for different customer needs. The latest version of Futuric/SX based on Windows is Web-enabled, and SL-GMS Developer and Custom Editor for .NET is used for its control and monitoring displays, as well as for its dedicated custom editor.

In order to respond quickly to customer requirements, FUJITSU has selected SL-GMS for implementation of their high performance GUI and custom editor for the industry leading “Futuric/SX Series” product. The enhanced offering Reduce d costs by ensuring the highest productivity in the development and maintenance of the displays for various customer systems deployed by FUJITSU partners.

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