SL Japan Assists NTT Data in Demonstrating RTView Connection to Microsoft StreamInsight CEP for Visualization and Monitoring of “Micro Grid at The Microsoft Conference 2011

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Tokyo – September 27, 2011
SL Japan Corporation, a subsidiary of SL Corporation, a leading provider of Application Performance Management and component-level monitoring solutions, is assisting NTT Data Corporation ( in demonstrating RTView connection to Microsoft StreamInsight CEP (Complex Event Processing) for real-time visualization and monitoring of “Micro Grid.

NTT Data, a leading company of Business Intelligence (BI) and Proactive BI deployments, provides intelligent services and features in advance by understanding user behaviors and events through analyzing Big Data such as sensor and life-log data.

At The Microsoft Conference 2011, NTT Data will demonstrate an operation of “Micro Grid which has gained attention at a local electric power network having both energy supply and consumer facilities. Weather forecast information and stream data such as home electricity consumption is analyzed with StreamInsight, a Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, to control electricity storage volume. SL’s RTView dashboard is used for visualization and monitoring this real-time “Micro Grid data.

RTView is based on visualization and monitoring technology derived from SL’s many years of expertise working with real-time control systems including energy distribution network control centers and various electric power facilities. RTView connects “directly to any real-time data from a messaging bus, an application server and others, simply by a menu selection and in-memory high performance displays. RTView has a Builder which enables not only its dashboard displays and graphic objects to be customized, but also allows data to be aggregated and analyzed, and alerts and actions can all be “custom tailored.

RTView has proven to be the best visualization solution especially for CEP engines processing large volumes of generated event stream data in real-time .

RTView is connected directly to StreamInsight by the RTView Pipe Data Adapter that enables it to read data from external processes. Continuous event stream data output from the StreamInsight process can be displayed directly to RTView tables, graphs and meters in real-time. Current real-time data can be compared with the historical data by the RTView Historian connected to SQL Server, and using the RTView WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) Data Adapter, all allowing the StreamInsight infrastructure could be visualized and monitored.

The Microsoft Conference 2011 is held on September 28th and 29th, 2011 in Tokyo:

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