SL Corporation Speeds Troubleshooting and Monitoring of Oracle Coherence Clusters

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Corte Madera, CA – July 19, 2012 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of application and service-level system monitoring solutions, today announced the availability of RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor  (OCM) version 5.9.  Significant feature enhancements enable operations staff and Coherence developers to speed troubleshooting and performance tuning, and scale their Coherence monitoring with the same ease they scale their Coherence clusters.

  • Analysis of Archived Data – This new feature provides users with a clear view of the state of a Coherence cluster at any time in the past for which archived data is available. This greatly facilitates cluster capacity planning and post-mortem event analysis. It also helps in the identification of changes in cluster behavior or resource consumption due to any change in the system over time, including code changes, changing user activity and varying data volumes. Users need only select a date and time. RTView OCM will automatically reset all of the cluster displays to that time frame.  Users will now find it very fast and easy to do historical analysis on the data archived by the RTView Historian.
  • Support for Multiple Clusters – Version 5.9 now provides support for monitoring multiple clusters from a user perspective, as well as from an administration and management perspective. A drop down box allows users to select the cluster of interest from a list of clusters to view statistics from within a single display.  This makes it convenient to compare clusters running in different environments, for example, a production cluster  to a UAT or DR cluster, or a cluster in one geography or data center to a similar cluster in another location .  A single instance of RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor may be configured to monitor multiple clusters as well, thus reducing the hardware and administrative costs of deploying RTView OCM.
  • New “SuperSize” Coherence Monitoring Framework – SL Corporation is pleased to provide an innovative new Coherence monitoring framework that uses the scalability and performance of Coherence to collect mbean data, thus avoiding the inherent performance restrictions of JMX RMI technology.  This new framework is particularly useful for clusters with large numbers of nodes or caches, allowing RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor to collect a consistent cluster health snapshot without significant time skew when collecting tens of thousands of MBeans or more. Performance improvements over JMX RMI are estimated at 6-10X.
  • Improved Monitor Performance – This latest release of RTView OCM delivers higher performing analytics with a lower memory footprint required per monitored cluster. Considerable performance tuning of RTView’s analytic functions combined with greatly reduced memory requirements per cluster offers dramatic improvements in the performance of the Monitor itself.

“These significant improvements to our RTView Oracle Coherence Monitor show our commitment to providing the most advanced monitoring solution to companies relying on Oracle Coherence for business critical applications,” said Tom Lubinski, Founder and CEO of SL Corporation.

About SL Corporation

Over the past 25 years, SL Corporation has become the most knowledgeable and responsive provider of real-time monitoring, analytics, and visibility solutions. SL’s flagship product, RTView, addresses a broad spectrum of enterprise visibility challenges spanning application performance monitoring (APM), business activity monitoring (BAM), and component-level infrastructure monitoring. RTView has also become the de facto standard for enhancing visibility into TIBCO middleware, Oracle Coherence in-memory data grids, and complex distributed applications. SL’s exclusive focus on real-time visibility solutions, commitment to customer success, and partner-centric culture are why thousands of industry leaders have chosen to work with SL to support their most critical applications and businesses. SL Corporation can be reached at +1 415-927-8400 or on the web at


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