SL Corporation Launches Proactive Monitoring Solution for TIBCO BusinessEvents

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Corte Madera, CA – April 30, 2013SL Corporation, a leading provider of application and service-level system monitoring solutions, announced that the RTView Enterprise Monitor platform now provides deep-dive monitoring for TIBCO’s industry-leading Complex Event Processing (CEP) solution, TIBCO BusinessEvents. RTView Enterprise Monitor customers are now able to understand the real-time performance of TIBCO BusinessEvents in order to proactively identify issues before they affect the reliability of critical applications.

The RTView package for TIBCO’s CEP solution joins SL products and packages for TIBCO Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS), TIBCO BusinessWorks (BW), and TIBCO ActiveSpaces to deliver the most comprehensive monitoring offering available for TIBCO middleware.

“With our RTView solution package for TIBCO BusinessEvents, our customers can predict stress points which may occur in production BE environments,” said Rodney Morrison, Vice President of Products at SL Corporation. “Vulnerabilities that did not present themselves in BE test environments can be quickly highlighted and resolved with the increased visibility this new package provides.”

SL’s RTView TIBCO BusinessEvents solution package can help to diagnose and fix numerous troublesome scenarios in BE, including, for example:

  • events flooding into the system at much higher-than-expected rates
  • rules firing at a much higher rate than expected causing CPU usage to spike
  • the backing store running inefficiently
  • BE Concepts being created at a much higher rate than expected causing evaluation or re-evaluation of rules

RTView Enterprise Monitor’s TIBCO BusinessEvents solution package provides information about how TIBCO BusinessEvents clusters are configured and performing, presents historical data detailing rule execution times per inference node, heap and table sizes for storage nodes, and event, concept and channels statistics. Pre-configured alert conditions provide early warning when any of these gathered performance metrics indicate a situation which is nearing a critical state.

While the RTView TIBCO BusinessEvents solution package can be used to monitor only BusinessEvents components, is often used in concert with other RTView solution packages. In this scenario, where application architectures are relying on multiple TIBCO components and/or middleware offerings, RTView Enterprise Monitor is able to provide an end-to-end view of application health.

For more information about SL’s RTView Enterprise Monitor, please visit: RTView Enterprise Monitor. For more information about SL’s middleware monitoring solutions for TIBCO, please visit:  End-to-End Monitoring for TIBCO.

About TIBCO BusinessEvents
TIBCO BusinessEvents allows you to abstract and correlate meaningful business information from the events and data flowing through your information systems, and take appropriate actions using business rules. By detecting patterns within the real-time flow of events, TIBCO BusinessEvents can help you to detect and understand unusual activities as well as recognize trends, problems, and opportunities.

About SL Corporation
Over the past 25 years, SL Corporation has become the most knowledgeable and responsive provider of holistic monitoring, analytics, and visibility solutions. SL’s flagship product, RTView, addresses a broad spectrum of enterprise visibility challenges spanning application performance monitoring (APM), business service management (BSM), business activity monitoring (BAM), and component-level infrastructure monitoring. RTView has also become the de facto standard for enhancing visibility into TIBCO middleware, Oracle Coherence in-memory data grids, and complex distributed applications. SL’s exclusive focus on real-time visibility solutions, commitment to customer success, and partner-centric culture are why thousands of industry leaders have chosen to work with SL to support their most critical applications and businesses. SL Corporation can be reached at +1 415-927-8400 or on the web at


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