Hitachi Uses Microsoft .NET-Based SL-GMS for New Digital Integrated Control System that Supports the Future of Manufacturing Plants

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April 3, 2013 – Tokyo
SL Japan Corporation, a subsidiary of SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time data monitoring and visualization solutions, announced today that Infrastructure Systems Company of Hitachi Corporation (“HITACHI”) has embedded SL-GMS Developer for .NET and SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET in its new HIACS-AZ/SP G2 product – Digital Integrated Control System, for industrial plants and factories. This is a new product added to the HIACS-AZ Series. The use of SL-GMS has been extended from its original use by HITACHI for its AQUAMAX Series control systems for water purification and sewage treatment, AQUAMAX-AZ/SP and AQUAMAX-web.

HIACS-AZ/SP G2 is a new product HITACHI has developed to ensure they are able to support the next generation manufacturing plants, leveraging HITACHI’s over 40 years of proven technology and innovative know-how around developing and running plant control systems. The new product supports stable operation of the entire plant, as well as response to various needs – such as manufacturing knowledge transfer, globalization and speed management – to provide ongoing value for the next generation smart production environments. Further, SL-GMS Developer for .NET and Custom Editor for .NET have contributed in minimizing the time to market for this mission critical new product.

HIACS-AZ/SP G2 uses a special hardware platform to enable 24/7 non-stop operation for as long as 10 years, providing high reliability and long-run stability. This feature is supported by SL-GMS which has been used in continuous production for over 10 years.

The graphic operation interface is composed of a main display area showing the operation status of a manufacturing plant, surrounded by menus, toolbars and utilities area, along with rich features including shortcuts, post-its, clipboards, and display history. This graphic operation interface has been developed with SL-GMS Developer for .NET which enables HITACHI to flexibly provide various operation environments to meet the needs of different monitoring requirements. Playback history of operation changes and patterns in graphical displays, for example, makes monitoring and operation convenient and intuitive, and reduces operator load. Additionally, engineering efficiency for defining and maintaining monitoring displays or simulation, is supported by the authoring environment specifically developed for HIACS-AZ/SP G2 with SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET.

HIACS-AZ/SP G2’s broad scalability from SCADA to large systems, and flexibility in responding to various needs for plant control systems such as correlation with information systems, are supported by proven and evolving SL-GMS technology. SL-GMS has been used from a standalone SCADA to very large DCSs world-wide since 1983, and further used for information systems by leveraging its strong Web deployment.

With SL-GMS, content-rich and highly interactive but lightweight and fast GUI/HMIs can be developed independently from its application and interactively by using SL-GMSDraw editor. Users can further preview, save and reuse the graphic objects, enabling a very easy and smooth expansion to new systems/products or operating systems/frameworks. Moreover, the end-user custom editor can be developed specifically for a system solution in a couple of man months which would otherwise take a couple of man years. These proven and unique visualization and custom editor technologies of SL have met the most advanced control requirements by HIACS-AZ/SP G2.

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