Mitsubishi Electric Uses SL’s Microsoft .NET based GUI/HMI and Custom Editor Technology for Its Large Water Distribution Control and Management System

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Tokyo, Japan – October 15, 2012
SL Japan Corporation, a subsidiary of SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time data monitoring and visualization solutions, announced today that Kobe Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a large scale water distribution control and management system using SL’s Microsoft .NET based GUI/HMI and Custom Editor.

Water environment is one of the main public infrastructure systems businesses that Kobe Works has introduced since its foundation, and supports comfortable lifestyles through stable supply of safe and better tasting water, as well as waste and rain water treatment.  SL-GMS Developer for .NET and Custom Editor for .NET have been selected for a large water distribution control system that manages the network of water supply from many water purification plants in a city distributed through main pipes and branch pipes close to each home.

Facilities such as water purification plants and water supply pumping stations dispersed in the wide region of a large city, and equipment and devices such as water gauges, pressure gauges, and valves are wide-area networked.  Large volumes of data are collected for central monitoring and control in order to flawlessly adjust water amount flow between the water purification plants and fine tune water pressures of the distribution pipes throughout the entire city.  This monitoring and control system consists of a very large, central monitor, eight operation monitors and a web server that distributes monitored display images to many of the relevant operations staff.  The main displays are developed by using SL-GMS Developer for .NET.

Complicated water distribution network system diagrams consisting of many devices such as valves, water gauges and water flow meters, covering the whole broad region, are graphically displayed in real time via the large central monitor, allowing operations staff to quickly view the entire water distribution status.  Another alarm display lists abnormal events for water pressure, amount and equipment failures.  Drilling down on an alarm will show the detail status of related equipment, enabling operations staff to take immediate and precise actions.

With SL-GMSDraw graphic editor, these complex monitoring displays which correlate the water distribution network with an enormous number of equipment and devices, can be interactively and efficiently developed, independent from their application program, reusing the graphic objects for equipment and devices, and their behaviors can be previewed immediately in the editor.

Moreover, a custom editor for the control and management system has been developed with SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET with graphic objects including pipes, valves, pressure gauges and flow meters furnished in the palettes as components.  The system provides various property settings including tags (data connections), for configuring displays by point & click, which makes maintenance in the field easy.  Additionally, selecting the water source information display provided by a separate system networked to this control and management system, shows storage capacity for each dam in the region, enabling a comprehensive monitoring along with the water supply control displays.

With this system, smooth and detailed tuning for water flow and pressure is possible for complex large water distribution control and management for a city, accelerating the effective use of water.

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