Press Releases

  • Internet of Things Institute Interview with SL’s CEO, Tom Lubinski

    Learn more about SL Corporation’s new RTView Cloud platform that allows you to build complex, customizable dashboards without the complexity of programming.

  • SL Announces SL-GMS Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Java 1.9

    Corte Madera, CA – April 10, 2018 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time data monitoring and visualization solutions, announced the release of native 64-bit versions of its SL-GMS J/Developer and SL-GMS J/Net products. The newly released SL-GMS J/Developer (J/Net) is a toolset […]

  • SL Announces to Support Visual Studio 2017 with the Latest Versions of .NET and C++ Based SL-GMS

    Corte Madera, CA – November 27, 2017 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of real-time monitoring and visualization solutions, has announced the new V5.0a SL-GMS Developer for .NET and V7.0a SL-GMS C++/Developer for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions, to support Visual Studio 2017. Additionally, a […]

  • SL Joins TIBCO NOW 2017 as Platinum Sponsor

    Corte Madera, CA – Oct. 17, 2017 – SL Corporation, the leader in TIBCO middleware monitoring since 2004, is proud to announce our continued sponsorship of TIBCO’s annual customer conference for the 14th year in a row. TIBCO NOW 2017 is the largest gathering […]

  • SL Introduces APACHE Kafka Monitoring with RTView 3.8

    Corte Madera, CA – October 3, 2017 – SL RTView 3.8 is making a splash with the launch of new Apache Kafka and TIBCO Adapter monitoring solution packages.  SL is the leading performance monitoring vendor for middleware and middleware-powered applications. In addition to new […]

  • RTView Core® 7.0 Even Better for Large-Scale Distributed Monitoring and Control Applications

    Corte Madera, CA – July 11, 2017 – SL releases a major update with RTView® Core 7.0, a real-time data management system for building large-scale distributed monitoring and control applications. New enhancements provide significant advantages for alert management, display building, historical data retention, and […]

  • SL RTView Adds Monitoring for TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition

    Corte Madera, CA – March 27, 2017 – SL announces support for TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition within their RTView middleware monitoring portfolio at the TIBCO NOW user conference in Singapore.  As TIBCO customers pursue cloud-based deployments to increase agility and scalability, they face visibility […]

  • SL Releases RTView Core 6.9

    Corte Madera – January 31, 2017 – SL has released a major new version of the RTView Core® – Data Management System. Many significant enhancements improve UI features and data acquisition capabilities. Major Enhancements include: Alert definitions now accessible from a data source Open […]

  • SL Releases New Monitoring for Solace Virtual Message Router

    Corte Madera, CA – January 19, 2017 – SL announces enhanced support for RTView Solace Monitor by releasing new functionality to monitor Solace Virtual Message Router (VMR) software.  Now, Solace users can monitor all of their message routers, from appliances in the datacenter to […]

  • SL Launches RTView Test Drive Program

    Corte Madera, January 5, 2017 – SL is starting off the new year with a brand-new hosting platform for free trials of RTView Enterprise Monitor® called the RTView Test Drive.  This new 100% hosted offering enables anyone to experience SL’s End-to-End Application Resource Monitoring […]