SL Launches Latest Version of RTView with New Features for Alerting, Security, and Visualization

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CORTE MADERA, Calif.Sept. 10, 2020 /CNW/ - SL, the global leader in the monitoring of custom business applications built on messaging and integration middleware, today announced the availability of RTView Enterprise version 5.3 with continuous improvements in user experience. The release adds support for application and middleware support teams to proactively monitor their critical environments.

RTView is a non-intrusive, low ownership cost, and predominantly agentless application monitoring system that provides unique visibility into microservices, messaging middleware, process orchestration, and container infrastructure.

"With significant user experience improvements around alerting, security configuration, and display customization, our customers will find it even easier to eliminate outages and downtime in their critical middleware environments, said Ted Wilson, SL's Chief Operating Officer. RTView Enterprise version 5.3 is a big step forward."

With support for user-defined custom alerts against any monitored metrics, users can now experience enhanced proactive alerting, maximizing application continuity. The Alert Overrides Admin display now supports multiple selections to create, edit, or remove overrides for multiple alerts. A pattern/regex filter is now available to search patterns on all index columns at once.

The new Custom Display Designer enables users to improve application and business service performance by creating and publishing custom, personalized views without programming. Additionally, a Grafana plug-in, with integration to RTView DataServers, provides Grafana developers with additional customization options for creating custom displays with RTView metrics.

APplication Data Flow Diagram - RTView

The new Application Data Flow Diagram feature allows users to visualize complex application data flows more intuitively across different layers, upstream and downstream, and their performance. App owners and support teams can zoom in to navigate complex flows to identify issues in a highly visual way and take remedial action.

Users will notice enhanced support for LDAP with a simple three-step configuration. DataServer support for secure socket connections are enabled via a simple UI.

Other enhancements include:

Solace PubSub+ Monitoring

  • Personalized views of key metrics can be quickly created and deployed with the new Custom Display Designer.
  • defined custom alerts that can be created on any metric in PubSub+ Monitor allow users to stay on top of what matters most.
  • Simplified setup, configuration and evolution of alert overrides at a more granular level.
  • SEMP Schemas are now automatically uploaded from brokers.
  • Improved topology views for bridges and neighbors provide better visibility of the Solace estate and visible alerts.
  • LDAP and security configuration via a graphical interface.

Kafka Monitoring

  • Auto discovery of Kafka Brokers in a Cluster.
  • New Kafka Topic displays with aggregated time-based message counts across hour, day and week periods.

IBM MQ Monitoring

  • Queue Manager Level Alerts on IBM MQ. All IBM MQ Queue alerts have now a new index containing the name of its Queue Manager, which can be used to define alert overrides by this column. Queue Manager names no longer contain spaces.

For more information on what's new in RTView Enterprise 5.3, view RTView Enterprise 5.3 Featured Product Updates

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About SL:

SL is a San Francisco Bay Area-based software company that develops real-time monitoring, visualization and diagnostic software for Global 1000 and mid-market companies whose businesses depend on complex, high-performance applications. The company has deep expertise in monitoring and management of custom, distributed applications running in heterogeneous middleware environments.


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