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SAN FRANCISCO (JAVAONE) CA – June 6, 2000– SL Corporation, a provider of software and service solutions for the development of real-time graphical end user interfaces, today announced the availability of SL-GMS J/Developer, the latest addition to its segmented SL-GMS line of unified graphical solutions. The J/Developer integrated solution is specifically designed and optimized for the development of Java-based, platform independent, graphical interface solutions.

As a result, SL-GMS J/Developer enables VARs, OEMs and integrators to quickly prototype and deploy Java-based applications and applets with high-performance graphical requirements. “As more vertical marketplaces move to Java for platform independence and web support, it is increasingly important to deliver graphical interface solutions that maximize performance and flexibility,” said Rodney Morrison, SL-GMS Product Manager, SL Corporation. “The SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor provides complete flexibility in designing dynamic graphic displays and SL-GMS J/Developer offers industry-leading performance with an easy migration path between platform frameworks. These features make SL-GMS J/Developer ideal for a range of industries such as network management, process control, traffic control, and defense.”
SL-GMS J/Developer delivers a comprehensive solution set for creating state-of-the-art graphical inter
faces and includes the SL-GMSDraw Dynamic Graphic Editor and the SL-GMSRun-Time Library for Java, featuring a Code Generator for Java as well as frameworks for applications and applets and tools for model conversion. For added versatility, SL-GMS Draw enables developers to assign graphical dynamic behaviors to application-specific, customized icons instead of vendor-limited graphic libraries. And SL-GMS J/Developer offers simple migration paths for projects created by SL-GMS Draw to be seamlessly applied to ActiveX and C++ environments, helping reduce project porting costs and shorten product time to market.
SL-GMS J/Developer is currently in use in Harris Corporation’s Harris Network Management (HNM) Platform, a comprehensive set of hardware and software tools that allow network managers to detect, evaluate and respond to changing network conditions.
“Transitioning our Harris Network Management (HNM) Platform from a UNIX environment to the Java platform is essential to enable cross-platform independence, Internet support and to facilitate end-user access to HNM from any PC and using any standard browser,” said Ashley Fleeman, program manager, Harris Corporation. “SL Corporation’s SL-GMS J/Developer will allow us to quickly and seamlessly migrate the HNM real-time graphical interface to the Java platform while incorporating a high level of
graphical performance and product customization.”
About the SL-GMS Line of Unified Solutions. In addition to SL-GMS J/Developer, the SL-GMS line
of unified graphical interface solutions are segmented into a range of offerings to address specific vertical industry applications and utilize the latest component-based technologies, languages and
operating environments. System integrators, VARs and software developers now have the ability to select the SL-GMS package that will best meet their specific platform requirements, whether they are developing with ActiveX, C++ or Java. Backed by SL Corporation’s personalized consulting services and
sales support, SL-GMS is uniquely positioned to help reduce project development time and risk while maximizing end-product performance and extendibility.
About SL Corporation
Founded in 1983, SL Corporation (Sherrill-Lubinski Corporation) provides software and service solution
s for the development of real-time graphical and user interfaces. SL-GMS (Graphical Modeling System) is embedded by OEMs and Integrators in systems for Advanced Control Rooms and Network Operating Centers (NOCs).
Since its launch in 1985, the SL-GMS product has been proven in a range of highly interactive and event-driven environments. Platforms supported include nearly all varieties of UNIX, WIN32, RedHat Linux and OpenVMS operating systems. UNIX platforms include Solaris, HPUX, SGI Irix, Compaq True-64, AI
X, SCO UNIX, SGI, and the QNX real-time operating system. OpenVMS platforms include OpenVMS on both Alpha and VAX workstations. WIN32 platforms include Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 95,
Windows 98 and Windows 2000 on Intel workstations. SL-GMS has licensed over 34,000 applications worldwide and is utilized throughout the process control, telecommunications network management, transportation control, energy management, satellite telemetry and aerospace industries. Customer
implementations of SL-GMS technology include Harris Corporation (NYSE-HRS), Objective Systems Integrators (OSI) (NASDAQ:OSII) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). These customer collaborations also serve to stimulate the development of new functionality and enhancements to the evolving line of SL-GMS solutions.
For additional information, contact SL Corporation,
240 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA 94925.
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