Keyware Solutions Selects SL-GMS J/Net for its New Network Management System Product, OpenMonitor*

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Tokyo —July 11, 2002—Keyware Solutions Inc. and SL Japan Corporation, a subsidiary SL Corporation, announced today that Keyware Solutions has selected SL-GMS J/Net for their new Network Management System product, OpenMonitor. Keyware Solutions is a leading “IT Solution Provider” in Japan with broad business know-how acquired through its 37 years of experience in the System Integration business. SL is a leading provider of software development tools for creating dynamic graphic displays driven by real-time data.

Keyware Solutions has developed a number of monitoring and control systems for network equipment and devices in Government and Municipal Offices with private networks and carriers. In response to an increased demand for open and web-based systems, and to meet higher customer satisfaction for each user’s requirements with lower cost, Keyware Solutions has now developed a new solution package in Java that is superior in operation, maintenance and expandability. Keyware Solutions’ new generation, open Object-Oriented Network Management System (NMS) Solution Package, OpenMonitor uses J/Net for its GUI.

OpenMonitor is a highly adaptable NMS package that has open graphical displays and the maintenance features to flexibly and quickly respond to increased or decreased network stations and equipment. OpenMonitor complies with communication protocol standards such as SNMP and CMIP. OpenMonitor’s operation terminal is based on Java technology so operation managers can monitor network status without environment restrictions via the Internet/Intranet, enabling appropriate instruction to maintenance operators.

The GUI for OpenMonitor was created using SL-GMS J/Net, an extension to SL-GMS J/Developer. J/Net is a fully integrated component of the SL-GMS product line, proven technology in real-time monitoring and control systems that provides powerful and rich graphic visualization. SL-GMS was chosen for its high-performance capabilities including advanced, complicated graphic displays ideal for web-based environments. SL-GMS generates fast, compact Java code, features objects, such as nodes encapsulated with dynamic behaviors, and offers a flexible look and feel that can be customized. SL also provides strong support as a specialized provider.

“Using J/Net, we were able to quickly build a Java-based GUI and thus rapidly introduce a new generation network management system to the market. OpenMonitor is a platform for network management systems that can be customized to meet each user’s needs. By implementing a user-specific application on this platform, customers can reduce deployment costs,” said Yasuharu Takahashi, Group Manager of Network Solutions Headquarters at Keyware Solutions.

“J/Net was selected because of its unprecedented performance to generate thin-client Java code and to rapidly create highly flexible graphic displays with the SL-GMSDraw dynamic graphic editor. J/Net is being selected in succession for new web-based Java network management system products in the United States. OpenMonitor is based on the newest network management system technology and SL contributed to an early introduction of this industry-leading product in the Japanese market,” said Yoshie Hashima, President and Representative Director of SL Japan.

*OpenMonitor is sold and supported only in Japan.

About Keyware Solutions Inc.

Keyware Solutions is leading System Integrator founded in 1965 with 37 years of history in Japan. The company employs over 1,000 employees with close to 200 million dollars revenue. Through many years of system integration business, the company has broad application experiences and expertise in manufacturing, distribution, medical, government and aerospace. The company also specializes system infrastructure technologies such as SAP R/3 and Lotus Domino/Notes, and defines itself as “IT Solution Provider.” Especially in the communication control area, the company has developed many network management systems and various network node equipment monitoring and control systems. The company also maintains a high level of technology in satellite communication and applies this technology to various business applications. Please refer for more information.

About SL Corporation
SL (Sherrill-Lubinski) Corporation was founded in 1983 and is a leading provider of graphic software for real-time data display. SL-GMS (Graphical Modeling System) has maintained its leadership position as the most technically advanced and cost-effective solution for creating customized displays for the visualization and control of real-time events and processes. SL products have been licensed worldwide in over 45,000 mission critical applications throughout the industries of network management, process control, transportation and aerospace. Customer implementations include ABB, Agilent, Alcatel, CalTrans, HP, and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). These customer collaborations serve to stimulate the development of new functionality and enhancements to the evolving product line of SL-GMS solutions. For additional information, contact SL Corporation, 240 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA 94925. Phone: 415.927.8400; Email: [email protected]

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