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Corte Madera, CA – March 28, 2005 – SL Corporation, a leading provider of software solutions for the monitoring and display of real-time information, today announced a new product: SL-GMS Custom Editor for Microsoft .NET.

Custom Editor for .NET is a powerful graphic development package for use with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET that is used by developers to create customized, dynamic graphic editors for high performance real-time monitoring applications. This product enables manufacturing software vendors to provide their customers with custom, branded, web authoring editors that generate real-time displays without programming.

To remain competitive in today’s global economy, manufacturers require true real-time manufacturing visibility for employees throughout the enterprise and not only on the plant floor. These manufacturers must manage complex IT environments with a variety of data from DCS/SCADA, ERP, MES, supply chain and performance management systems. To maximize operational efficiency, these organizations require the role-based delivery of information in browsers and enterprise portals.

To meet these needs, manufacturing software vendors are competing to provide environments where Manufacturing Operations Engineers and IT support engineers can quickly create, distribute, and maintain web-based visual representations of enterprise data without programming. SL-GMS Custom Editor for .NET is a unique solution because it’s the only Microsoft .NET control-based solution currently available for the creation of these web-authoring environments. With these new technologies available from SL Corporation, editing environments which used to take man-years to develop can be reduced to man months, capitalizing on the advanced Microsoft technologies included with Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft SharePoint. Custom Editor for .NET contains a Microsoft .NET Control which can be used within Visual Studio .NET to create custom editors as well as simple examples of creating editors with the GMSEditor Control in C#. Also included is C# source for implementation of the SLGMSDraw editor using the  GMSEditor Control, the SL-GMSDraw .NET application, and SL-GMS tools.

Custom Editor for .NET also allows developers to provide a migration path for existing SL-GMS displays from these legacy systems for use in new .NET applications, preserving investment in screen development. SL-GMS has been the market leader for providing software for the creation of manufacturing HMI systems for the past 20 years and is embedded in many of the most popular HMI products in the market today.

“The manufacturing world is poised on the edge of major breakthroughs that will support entirely new ways of doing business with the advent of readily available, real-time, role-based enterprise information,” says Rodney Morrison, Director of Product Management, SL Corporation. “The technologies that SL offers combined with advancements in Microsoft supporting products, allow our customers to focus on their vertical domain expertise to deliver systems which truly capture and solve the business problems of their manufacturing customers and reduce the internal IT costs in supporting those solutions.”

About SL Corporation
SL (Sherrill-Lubinski) Corporation was founded in 1983 and is a leading provider of software solutions for the monitoring and display of real-time information. SL products have been licensed worldwide by market leaders in over 69,000 mission-critical applications throughout the telecommunications, process control, transportation, and aerospace industries. Global customer implementations include ABB, Agilent, Alcatel, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

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