TIBCO Middleware Monitoring – Overcoming the Unique Challenges

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You know how important it is to be proactive in monitoring your TIBCO middleware environments. But how do you decide which monitoring tools to use? Do you:

  • build your own
  • use low lever tools including admin tools, TEA, Hawk, and EMS Admin
  • use your legacy APM tools so popular in different parts of your organization
  • or do you use a middleware monitoring solution that is designed from the ground up for TIBCO and application support teams working with complex, distributed middleware environments?

Many monitoring challenges are unique to middleware and the applications that run on it. Monitoring tools, including APM, work extremely well for addressing certain kinds of problems but are too often found lacking in complex, distributed middleware environments. And APM is­ expensive to license and expensive to maintain.

Learn how you can overcome the unique challenges of middleware monitoring with turnkey, low overhead monitoring that also has a low cost of ownership.