IoT Dashboards

  • From the Cloud to the Edge

    Funny how everything eventually comes full circle. A mere thirty-some years ago, the state of the art was client-server computing where one or more client nodes were directly connected to a central server. As much as enterprise companies embraced client-server, there were limitations: data […]

  • How Real-time Do You Need Your IoT Data Visualization To Be?

    SL participated at the recent IoT World Conference in Santa Clara. It was an exciting event for us for two reasons: We demonstrated our RTView Cloud integration with Software AG Cumulocity IoT platform in the SAG booth. SL provides a custom Cumulocity data visualization […]

  • “Marriage made in RTView”; IoT and Enterprise Messaging Systems

    By now we are all used to or at least partly used to “Smart” things in our lives. Whether its phones, electrical appliances, cars, homes, buildings or the city itself—they all are becoming smarter by the day. A couple of years ago, in the […]

  • Create a Real-Time Information Portal in WordPress empowers millions of businesses, bloggers, and online stores to build a beautiful website that meets their unique needs. However, even with all the powerful plugins and special features, it is not that easy to include real-time information in the pages or blogs you […]