Solace Monitoring

  • RTView Enterprise 5.3 Featured Product Updates

    The latest release of RTView® Enterprise includes several new user experience enhancements for alerting, security, and visualization. These are featured updates, not a complete update list. For the complete list, please read the Release Notes. Platform Enhancements New Custom Display Designer RTView Enterprise has been […]

  • RTView Enterprise 5.1 Featured Product Updates

    RTView Enterprise 5.1 was recently released. Here are some featured updates. For the complete list of updates, please read the Release Notes. New Alert Notification User Interface Alert Notifications have been enhanced to support several new actions and a better configuration interface. For each […]

  • RTView Enterprise 5.0 Featured Product Updates

    Here’s what’s new in RTView Enterprise 5.0. These are featured updates, not a complete update list. For the complete list, please read the Release Notes. New HTML 5 User Interface RTView 5.0 now includes an optional HTML5 UI in addition to the classic UI. […]

  • “Marriage made in RTView”; IoT and Enterprise Messaging Systems

    By now we are all used to or at least partly used to “Smart” things in our lives. Whether its phones, electrical appliances, cars, homes, buildings or the city itself—they all are becoming smarter by the day. A couple of years ago, in the […]

  • Create a Real-Time Information Portal in WordPress empowers millions of businesses, bloggers, and online stores to build a beautiful website that meets their unique needs. However, even with all the powerful plugins and special features, it is not that easy to include real-time information in the pages or blogs you […]

  • Solace Monitoring with RTView: On-Premise, as AMI, or in the Cloud

    The Solace Unified Message Broker has rapidly emerged as the one of the “best in class” platforms for important high-volume messaging applications. Robust features such as publish/subscribe, queuing, request/reply and streaming across hybrid cloud environments make Solace uniquely flexible and capable in demanding situations. […]


  • SL RTView Enables Easier Monitoring of Solace Hybrid Cloud Deployments

    SL and Solace have been working together for over a year now to perfect a monitoring solution for both Solace messaging appliances and Solace VMRs.  Solace monitoring with RTView®is now available for a free 30-day trial as an Amazon AMI download. Monitoring Solace VMRs in […]